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Up your game in the eCommerce world. Bring on board Microsoft’s dynamic integration now. Be assured, our highly advanced synchronization solutions will make competition practically non-existent for you.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

If you are operating your

eCommerce store

independently without leveraging

Microsoft Dynamic NAV


Microsoft Dynamic AX

, really your business is losing out on something big. Meaning, the combined force of these two solutions help businesses enhance productivity and business intelligence, thereby reduce the production time.
Kaushalam is a leading provider of both Microsoft Dynamic Ax and Microsoft Dynamic Nav.
Why should you synchronize Microsoft Dynamic Ax
and Microsoft Dynamic NAV.
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic NAV
Diversified deployment options: You can deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the
eCommerce business
or on the Windows Azure cloud infrastructure.
  • Better Integration capabilities: Easily integrate functionalities such as
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    and SharePoint into this system.
  • Enhanced browser flexibility: Access Microsoft Dynamics NAV from anywhere via multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Better accessibility on all gadgets: Access data through variety of gadgets, be it Windows 8 Mobile Device, tablets, or an iPad.
  • Robust reporting: Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers 194 advanced and analytical reports combined with drill down functionalities. This will help you view all details that you require.
Microsoft Dynamic NAV
Integration Of Your Choice.
Depending on your business requirements, our business consultant will choose the right customized solution for you.
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic AX
Microsoft Dynamic AX
  • Prebuilt Industry Capabilities: This powerful solution comes with prebuilt industrial capabilities for manufacturing, distribution or any other, making it easier for you to streamline all processes. Plus, it makes it easier for your manage intellectual wealth, financials and compliance management.
  • Speedy business growth: Microsoft Dynamic AX helps grow business internationally given that it comes with built-in country-specific locations in a single solution.
  • Increased productivity: It will enhance your overall productivity with tailor-made functionalities. Plus, key insights will be offered in critical business data together with performance indicators, business intelligence and analytical reports.
  • Better business opportunities: Better business insights usher in better business opportunities. Our powerful business solution is armed with best of the features that would help you track and grab new business opportunities. Besides, you can make changes in the structure and business processes and at the same time it helps contribute toward innovation.
Advanced Functionalities At Your Fingertips.
Get more than standard industry functionalities. Grow by leaps and bounds. Nothing will ever fall through the cracks.