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Leverage our expertise for your benefit. We are a boutique development house with a goal to facilitate your success. Our expert skillset perfectly complements our foolproof methodology. The end result: customized solutions that fit you.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Our Expertise

, Your Benefit
Kaushalam is derived from an ancient language from the East.
Kaushalam is defined as expertise.
In every solution you get, we apply the meaning of our name. Creating

customized solutions

that are proven winners, every time.
You are in Good Hands
We are a boutique development house that helps you shape your future.
Our Focus: You
Our Focus: You
You get solutions that are customized for you, based on your competition and issues. Everything is done with you in mind. Right from strategy to processes.
Breakthrough Quality
Breakthrough Quality
To make sure your solution is done right and done well, we follow foolproof processes. Every single time. Our expert team brings their immense experience to the development process.
Growth is Constant
Growth is Constant
You are never alone. We are always with you. Sometimes for more than 8 years. We are dedicated to your continuous improvement and growth. We keep on paving way for your success.
Prepared to Be Satisfied
You will be Taken Care Of in Every Aspect. We Work With You To Create Solutions That Work For You.
Kaizen. Your Continuous Improvement.
From the beginning we create a service that is Built with our commitment to your Growth. Every step of the way, we create small ways and methods to help you grow.
"The Journey of a thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step" - Lao-Tzu
Let Us Help you Take that First Step
Kaizen in Japanese means Good Change. It’s a process that goes beyond simple productivity improvement. It refers to activities that aims to continuously improve all functions – right from the top management to the assembly line. In the same manner, we believe in coming up with solutions that improve your business processes. Continuously.
Reach Big Success with Small Steps
Let Us Help You Experience Improvement in Every Aspect of your Business
Improved Business Processes
Improved Business Processes
Each and every element of your business is our focus, including internal dynamics as well as the external. We focus on the elements and aspects of your business that help your business grow without the risk of not being able to handle the growth.
Improved Marketing
Improved Marketing
To help you grow tremendously, we identify your customers, identify the market trends, and use effective techniques. We ask the right questions to help you identify your reach in every direction. We take every aspect into perspective when marketing,
Improved Reach
Improved Reach
You grow globally with us. You get the tools, both internal and external, to take your business plan successfully around the world. We help you expand your presence in your target market.
Improved Profitability
Improved Profitability
You profitability is our end goal. We take the steps to help you identify your potential for opportunity so that you can be profitable in every aspect of your business. Without hassles.
Grow to the New Heights
Feel the power of a Company that Works With You, and Solutions Built Specifically for You
Experience the Difference
You are our focus. Take Advantage of our 15+ Years of Experience, and Start Experiencing Why Our Clients Have Built Long-Term Relationships with Us.
Dare Us
Your challenges ignite our passion. The more complicated, the better.
Full Service
You don't have to worry ever. We help you take care of your business from every angle.
On Your Side
We are dedicated to you in every way. We are always available for you.
We're Committed
We thrive on your success. For that, we go beyond what’s required.
Experience the Difference
Total Satisfaction
Until you are completely satisfied, we are not satisfied either.
You always get innovative solutions with us. Try our innovation.
Problem Solver
More than just take-it-or-leave-it style. We advise you in every method of your business.
The solutions are built with you, and around you. They are guaranteed to work for you.
Personal Attention. That Shows.
You Get Solutions that are User-Friendly, Effective as well as Unique. This is not Empty Talk. We Have Hundreds of Clients who Will Attest to this Fact Over and Over.
We were trying to improve our profit margin for few quarters. Although we were able to do it, the results weren't spectacular. Then came Kaushalam into the picture. And the rest is history.
When you join us, you gain the upper hand over your competitors. We understand how businesses work, and in our 15+ years of experience, we have helped hundreds of companies. We bring the same expertise and knowledge to you. We conduct SWOT analysis to study your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Our system integrators will help you reduce your operational costs, while product specialists will help you beat the competition. Over and over again.
Start Feeling the Difference, Today.
Look forward to Professional, Friendly Service - Always