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Improvise your marketing tactics with responsive and adaptive web designs across mobiles and tablets. Get appealing website designs and features that look fabulous on all devices irrespective of their screen size, platforms and browsers.

Mobile / Tablet Ready

Mobile / Tablet Ready

Consider this:
  • 75% of Americans admit taking their smartphones to bathroom
  • 40% of the shoppers check three or more online sales channels before buying
  • 4 out of 5 consumers buy through smartphones
  • 2014 is the year when mobile devices will overtake desktop internet usage
  • 70% of mobile searches convert into sales within an hour
So its a foregone conclusion that mobiles are important. What bears thinking is, how accessible you are to your mobile users. If you are still having a traditional website, you can forget about the mobile users right now. But if you want to woo those mobile users, Kaushalam is there for you.
Responsive and adaptive web designs
Our expert designers will develop alluring and appealing responsive and adaptive web designs. Responsive and adaptive websites are those websites which adapt according to the device's screen size, platform and browser. Although responsive and adaptive websites sound similar, they are quite different. Glaringly so.

Adaptive Web Design

  • Website design will be rendered on the basis of predefined screen sizes
  • It's a server side design and so the server will have to decide which coding framework to implement
  • It requires multiple coding frameworks for various device sizes
  • Compared to responsive design, it's bit expensive and time consuming
  • For updates and maintenance, developer will need to update multiple coding frameworks

Responsive Web Design

  • Website design is flexible and fluid enough to adjust any screen size
  • It's a client side design and so the browser will adjust the design per the device's configuration
  • It requires complex code and implementation strategy to fit every device
  • Compared to adaptive design, it's more affordable and less time consuming
  • For updates and maintenance, an update to the universal coding framework is enough
  • Improve market penetration
  • Easy accessibility for users
  • Better products' visibility
  • Stronger brand
  • Higher sales and profits
Keep Pace With Changing Trends.
You can’t ignore mobile users. Plain and simple. We make the task of serving different segments of users easy with unique and innovative responsive designs.
Mobile apps
For mobile users, you can also create effective and relevant mobile apps. For your customers, Kaushalam can create user-friendly yet appealing shopping app. The app will be designed and optimized to attract the right audience at the right time to improve the overall conversion ratio of the business.
Kaushalam can also develop a business app to simplify your business operations. No matter where you are, our app will allow you to conduct your business as if you are in your office. Apart from improving the productivity, the app will improve the operational efficiencies across the board.
Mobile apps Benefits
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Higher cost savings
  • Safe and secure
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