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Expand your business with easy-to-use and flexible digital product catalogs. Opt for Kaushalam’s enhanced designer product catalogs with customized functions and advanced marketing features. They will fit your business perfectly.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Without marketing, a business - be it offline or online - can't survive. If you are looking to attract huge amount of traffic, you need to have a powerful and effective marketing strategy in place. While creating a marketing strategy, there are lot many factors to be considered - including product usability, target audience behavior and demographic and competition. If you are looking to create interesting and engaging marketing material, Kaushalam can help you.
We have several years of experience in helping hundreds of companies polishing their marketing strategy. Our team of marketers will clearly understand your target audience and will develop the strategy accordingly. We will create unique and captivating

product catalogs

to draw visitors to your business. There are several advantages of our

product catalog solution

. Some of them are mentioned below:
Features of product catalog
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Offers easy search functionality
  • Successfully engages target audience
  • Offers relevant information
  • Flexible with printing options
  • Enhances overall marketing strategy
  • Customized according to your marketing and branding strategy
  • Multiple product catalogs

    for multiple stores and sales channels possible
  • Clear and attractive images and design based on Flash technology
  • Effective for tangible and intangible products
  • Features unlimited product categories and products
  • No training required to use the solution
  • Offers sophisticated catalog search and navigation features
  • Printer-friendly to let the customers print it directly from your store/site
  • Huge collection of
    product catalog templates
    /themes available
  • Multiple product catalogs with different pricing possible
  • Integrated shipping options and payment options within the catalog
  • Possible to tie pricing rules with customer profiles
  • Automatic computation of taxes in the product catalog
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Advanced search features based on keywords, product number, and SKU
Product Catalog
Are you looking to make the most of your marketing efforts? Contact us and we will polish your marketing strategy to offer you outstanding results.
Market Your Products In The Right Manner.
If you are looking to attract huge traffic to your eCommerce store, our product catalog services is just the tool you are looking for. It’s designed exclusively for you. Start to finish.