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Comparison Shopping Feed Export

Comparison Shopping Feed Export

Are you selling products through

multiple stores


eCommerce platforms

, marketplaces and sales channels? Is managing product feeds becoming pain in the neck? Simplify the process with Kaushalam's

feed management solution

. Designed by business experts and experienced developers, the solution offers a range of features that makes
product management
quick and prompt.
Automatic feed
If you are selling on multiple stores, platforms, marketplaces and sales channels, you just need to set the rules. Then, whenever new products are added, product feeds will be automatically sent to all the relevant sources.
Schedule feed
If you want, you can even schedule the product feeds for future if you don't want them to be updated promptly.
Comparison Shopping Feed Export
Flexible feed
If you wish to add any channel, you can do so anytime. The solution is designed to support innumerable channels and platforms.
Export data
If you wish to send product feeds to some unknown sources, you can do that too by exporting the product feeds.
Use Kaushalam's
product feed management solution
to unify the process of product feeds. Contact us today!
Comparison Shopping Feed Management: A Click Away.
Automate day-to-day business processes. Deploy the saved resources for projects with higher returns.