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Best bet for all types of businesses - be it B2B, B2C, manufacturing, consultancy and service portals. Get customized services that prioritize your requirements and goals. A host of features to get you noticed in the eCommerce space.

Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce

Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce

It's a well-known fact that as business grows, off-the-shelves standard products fail and they are rendered ineffective. Sophisticated tools and solutions are called for, and there's no escaping to it. If your business is growing beyond your managing capabilities, it's high time you consider eCommerce for

Dynamics AX solution

. Designed and developed by Kaushalam, the leading provider of

eCommerce services

, the solution will enhance end-to-end business operations without any problem.
This highly versatile solution can be used with any business model - including

B2B business

B2C Business
, manufacturing, consultancy and service portals - from any industry. Depending on the customer's requirements and goals, we will customize the solution. The end result:
  • Synchronized business data across the board
  • Centralized system to operate all business processes
  • Real time 24x7 updates without the need for manual intervention
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs and maintenance
  • Enhanced business intelligence and better team work
Through our solution, you can optimize:
  • Inventory management system : This highly versatile solution from Kaushalam is fully equipped to help you manage inventory for numerous
    eCommerce stores
    , multiple sales channels and several eCommerce platforms without any problem. All the inventory data will be synchronized across the board and updated real time.
  • Order management system : With our advanced eCommerce for Dynamics AX solution, order management will become easy. As soon as the order is received, the system will help you execute the order to achieve maximum operational efficiencies.
  • Invoicing and shipping : To help you offer outstanding customer experience, the solution will send automatic invoices to the customers. As soon as the order is shipped, an email will be sent to the customers notifying them about the same. You can even set the system to send tracking information automatically.
  • Product catalog : To help you market your products effectively and efficiently, the solution offers a range of high-end tools and features to create unique and engaging product catalogs. Create and utilize these catalogs in the stores for a stronger branding strategy.
  • POS : Offer state-of-the-art shopping experience to your customers through our solution's advanced Point of Sale (POS) system . Apart from synchronizing inventory data with sales, the solution will offer various payment options and analytical reports.
  • Returns : Although every business has returns, you can reduce the ratio of returns with the help of eCommerce for Dynamics AX solution. The solution will give you insights about the reasons for returns along with tools to remove those reasons.
  • Payments : It doesn't matter how complex the payment flow you have in the business. Kaushalam's high-end solution is fully armed to automate the entire payment process, including collection of payments from the customers and making of payments to the suppliers.
  • Customer relationship management : Retaining customers is important. eCommerce for Dynamics AX will help you retain your customers by offering you in-depth information about your customers' shopping history and demographic. This information will also help you in solving your customer's queries without much delay.
  • Accounting and Finance : eCommerce for Dynamics AX is quite helpful in core functionalities such as accounting and finance. The solution will synchronize the core functionalities with inventory and sales data to offer comprehensive view of the overall business.
eCommerce for Dynamics AX
Highly Organized. Real-Time Synchronization.
You will get high returns on your investment by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce. We promise.