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With Kaushalam’s sophisticated solution, you don’t have to worry about shipping and payment management processes. Customized from the ground up, the solution will deliver what you are looking for. Partner with Kaushalam today.

Shipping & Payment Management

Shipping & Payment Management

Are your shipping methods turning an ordeal for the customers? Does it give them innumerable worries thinking about the status of their orders? Put an end to all this with the smart and savvy shipping solutions from Kaushalam.
Our top-quality shipping methods provide a relief to both you and your clients round the clock. Wondering how?
We give you safe and

secure shipping methods

with interesting features like encryption with

SSL payment gateway

and many more functions that are fully customized to according to your business needs.
In addition to above features, our clients also get
the following benefits:
Fast and Smooth Checkout Procedures
A simple and user-friendly checkout process with hassle-free packaging and shipping of orders is what you get from us which includes minimum shipping errors.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our clients can be rest assured of the different modules of payment. All kinds of payment methods – debit cards, credit cards and ACH payments is taken care off by our
shipping management system
with the support of multiple languages, currencies and real-time shipping calculators.
Shipping & Payment Management
Secure Shipping with Tracking
We follow the PCI DSS standards for protection of online data which gives a secure and safe payment process for your customers. In addition, you and your customers also get the benefit of knowing the current status and location of the order with advanced tracking function included in our system.
Shipping Partners and Labels
Our shipping orders are undertaken through various logistics partners which any eCommerce business can fully rely on. Also, we provide a variety of shipping labels that include labels for USP, USPS, FedEx and many more.
Synchronized And Reliable.
You are guaranteed to get the results you are looking for. All the solutions will work the way you want them to.