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Improve the visibility of your products with advanced marketplace manager module from Kaushalam. Get a personalized system with a centralized dashboard that’s completely in sync with your store(s) data. Achieve maximum sales without hassles.

Online MarketPlace Manager

Online MarketPlace Manager

Of course selling on various marketplaces is quite beneficial. Apart from improving the visibility of the products, these marketplaces improve sales and profits. However, most of the times eCommerce merchants do not leverage several marketplaces at one go because it simply becomes too difficult to manage. If you are one of these

eCommerce merchants

, stop being so by implementing Kaushalam's

marketplace manager

. Through the solution, you will be able to sell innumerable products on several


simultaneously without any problem.
Are you wondering how is it possible? Consider the
following features of the solution:
  • Centralized dashboard No matter how many marketplaces you are leveraging, our centralized dashboard is enough to help you with the
    inventory management
    . Whenever you receive an order from any of the marketplace, the inventory will be updated immediately. Also, the dashboard will be custom designed to suit your business requirements.
  • Synchronized data The dashboard will synchronize the data across the board. If you are selling on five marketplaces, the system will display the consolidated inventory. Whenever the orders are removed, the system will offer marketplace-wise inventory data as well as consolidated inventory data. Moreover, data synchronization is a real time process. It doesn't require batches to be executed.
  • Customized system As every business is different with different goals and requirements, we will customize the system to fit your business processes. Depending on your target audience and products, we will design the system that will enhance the business performance seamlessly.
Online Market Place Manager
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